DOAG Poll about ETL – OWB / ODI

According to Oracle’s Statement of Direction  OWB will be discontinued soon despite its long lasting success story and popularity. Oracle stated:

The basic functionality of OWB, …, remains part of the Oracle Database license. This remains true for the upcoming Oracle Database 12 c Release 1.
In other words: latest for Oracle Database 12 c Release 2, customers should make their mind up about possible migrations of existing OWB implementations to ODI – which is Oracle`s favourite way to go – or other alternatives:
  • continue using OWB 11.2.x fro the time being, taking into account, that future features of Oracle Database releases will not be supported
  • migration to a “non-Oracle” ETL tool

DOAG e.V. – the German Oracle User Organization – has published an interesting article (in german) about this topic along with a poll .

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