Leverage Excel and Oracle OLAP for Secure and Actionable BI and Ad-hoc:

Amyn Rajan, Simba Technologies Inc. & Thomas Ewald-Nifkiffa, concept to solution

Discover how a leading logistics company securely extended analysis and reporting capabilities within its data intelligence network to its external agents around the world, by leveraging Oracle Database OLAP Option with Microsoft Excel.

See how Excel’s rich data selection, multi-dimensional display, hierarchical navigation and data visualization features ensured faster and better business decisions on Oracle Database stored data. Learn how Excel’s familiar interface enabled users to easily and directly perform sophisticated self-service business intelligence – fully adhering to Oracle database security settings. See how fixed reporting and ad hoc analysis capabilities directly on Oracle OLAP data resulted in greater reporting efficiency organization-wide, as well as better control over data that its users’ used for self-service business intelligence. This session demonstrates how users can leverage Excel to query rich analytical content and calculations directly from an Oracle OLAP database. Learn how to benefit from Excel’s ad hoc query functionality, instantaneous report creation and “one version of the truth” data reporting, with one set of data models and Oracle security across the entire solution. See how Oracle OLAP data can be queried, analyzed and reported on directly from within Excel, without pre-staging data into a costly mid-tier infrastructure. Learn how to feed your PivotTables live enterprise data to make better, faster decisions. This presentation outlines a simple architecture for advanced analytics on Oracle-stored data, serving the complex BI needs of a global enterprise. If your organization uses Excel, this is a must see presentation.


When & Where? 22.11.2012 15:00 @DOAG 2012

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