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DOAG 2013 – Mobile OLAP release

Don`t miss us  – Guy and Thomas will present the mobile app for Oracle OLAP next week in Nuremberg at the annual DOAG conference. Where? @DOAG 2013, Nuremberg When? 20.11.2013 15:00 CET What? After a short introduction to Oracle OLAP, we will present a customer case study and several ways of accessing data cubes in Oracle. We will then demonstrate…

DOAG Poll about ETL – OWB / ODI

According to Oracle’s Statement of Direction  OWB will be discontinued soon despite its long lasting success story and popularity. Oracle stated: The basic functionality of OWB, …, remains part of the Oracle Database license. This remains true for the upcoming Oracle Database 12 c Release 1. In other words: latest for Oracle Database 12 c Release 2, customers should make…


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