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What's cts?

Problem solving starts usually with analyzing, then a concept. From there to a valueable solution it may get tough without assistance - that`s were we come in!

As certified (Oracle) Professionals, we are here to guide and support you to achieve your success.

concept to solution was established April 2008 and is located in Northern Germany, greater Hamburg area.

Latest Certificate in 2021:
IPMA® Level D – Certified Project Management Associate


  • Oracle Database Services &
  • Oracle Virtualization Services (OVM) &
  • Oracle High Availability Architecture (HAA - Data Guard) &
  • Oracle Data Warehouse Solutions &
  • Oracle OLAP Experts &
  • Application Management &
  • (IT) Interims Management &
  • (IT) Project Management &
  • a lot more...

We`re partnering with:

Simba MDX for Oracle OLAP